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Equipped, prepared, and active leaders are critical to operational excellence. Available in half-day, full-day, or multi-day formats, our interactive workshops teach the elements and behaviors of great leaders to unleash the full potential of your team.


Leveraging lessons learned and proven in combat, we equip your leaders with the tools and behaviors they need to activate their potential, challenge their teams, and accelerate success. Key areas of focus include:
• Preparation & Mindset
• Code of Conduct
• Bias for Action 
• Planning & Communication
• Accountability & Disciplined Behavior
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Popular Workshops

Training Camp

Learn how to lead yourself first and earn the right to lead others.

Iron Leader Foundations

Who leaders are, what they do, and how they behave

Brief & Debrief

Inspire team confidence and accelerate team growth.

The Warrior Way

Discover the pathway to lead from the front, crush mediocrity, & relentlessly pursue excellence.
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Client Testimonials

  • "Joe McNamara is a high-character, motivated, leadership development specialist. If you need better prepared leaders on your team, then you need to connect with Joe McNamara and The Iron Leader team. They're the best."
    Cory Bailey
    Defensive Line Coach
    Coastal Carolina University Football
  • “College football is fiercely competitive, so effective leadership and a strong culture are vital. Joe McNamara assessed our team and created a sustainable action plan to strengthen the leadership skills of our players and coaches. Through various team and individual training sessions, in the classroom and on the field, Joe has made a huge impact on our football program. We saw positive results on day 1 and throughout the last two football seasons!”
    Kevin Donnalley
    University of North Carolina Football
    Director of Leadership and Development
    13-year NFL Veteran
  • “Working with Joe is the most important thing I’ve done to make me a better man, leader, and teammate. The personalized coaching prepared me to lead our team every day.”
    Nathan Elliott
    University of North Carolina Quarterback ’15 -‘18
  • “I learned more from participating in the 'Training Camp' course than I have in any book or speech. The Iron Leader showed me how to apply the leadership principles they taught, and I found myself intentionally looking for situations on a daily basis to use the knowledge I was learning. I cannot recommend The Iron Leader team enough.”
    Garrett Williams
    Clemson Football TE ’15 - ’18 & 2-time National Champion
  • "I could not recommend anyone higher than I could Joe McNamara and his program for adaptable leaders. The Iron Leader approach to problem solving drives immediate accountability and agility within organizations."
    Jim Rechel
    President, The Rechel Group, Inc.
  • “Joe has prepared me to lead in an elite manner both on the field and off for more than six years. Leading teams is filled with adversity and Joe has coached me to effectively lead myself and my teammates through good times and tough times. Joe’s unwavering commitment to greatness has pushed me every day to be the best man of God I can be in every walk of life. From the locker room, to the field, and even into my marriage, Joe has prepared me to be a better leader and better teammate every day.”
    Jace Ruder
    University of North Texas Quarterback

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